Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Icelandic Street Art

Hi Pretty World!

I wanted to share some pictures from my Iceland trip!  I went with one of my best friends in March and I really miss it already. We went to celebrate her (belated) 25th birthday and also because we've been talking about taking that 5 hour flight to Iceland since last year and we don't joke about travel destinations--we make it happen.   I'm so thankful for the opportunity to travel, for it is truly an enriching experience.  Luckily, my parents are avid world travelers so I've been able to hitch a ride with them throughout the years :)
I would take travel opportunities over designer bags any day.  Would you?

This cake was super light and fluffy!  The giant pear slices in the center were pillowed between an airy pound cake and light chocolate mouse with chocolate mints on top.

My friend is a coffee addict so naturally, we made several cafe stops along the way.  Unfortunately, it didn't seem like Iceland was as crazy or serious about coffee as she was :)

Adorable architecture in downtown Reykjavik
(ps. I think Icelandic is possibly the most difficult language)

Graffiti skate park in downtown....I fell in love.

Dear Iceland,
We Miss you.....
two New Yorkers

We froze our butts off the entire trip....Iceland was so windy and much colder than NYC.
(hence the three layers of socks and the insane desire to wrap my entire face with the scarf)

Found my two homies in Iceland.

Do we look like poorly dressed tourist?  Why yes, yes we do....and we were too cold to give a shit. HAHA.
(a 3 sec self timer is not enough time for a decent pose...hahahah)
(ps. Can you believe little shorty is TWENTY-FIVE?!)

a love call to Iceland.

After taking some embarrassing pictures in the graffiti park, we ended our first day in Iceland with the famous Icelandic hotdogs!  It's their national food! There were toppings hiding under the hotdog and my favorite topping thus far was the crunchy onion crumbles. The hotdog tasted more like a turkey dog--definitely healthier than NYC dogs, but I personally like the grim of nyc hotdogs :)

More Iceland and Korea posts coming soon.

Happy Tuesday!

ps. Current favorite song: "Read all about it part 3" by Emeli Sande


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Take the Pledge, Make shit happen

Hello Again!

Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend! 
A friend of mine is leaving for the army next week so we held a going away party for him last night.  
During my absence from the blog, I went to Iceland with one of my best friends and it was an amazingly adventurous and relaxing vacation :)
I still have to upload photos from my Korea trip (and Iceland as well), so I will get to that soon! I'll be *temporarily* leaving Manhattan soon to start med school so I've been spending all my time going on dates with my boyfriend, eating at favorite spots with my girlfriends, and really just soaking up every detail that I love about Lady Manhattan.
I wanted to post some career/life motivation so I took the GFDA Pledge (Good effing design advice pledge).  You can take the pledge yourself here if you'd like :)
What would you write in the blank, I would love to know!

ps. I did a mini interview on my best friend's blog if you want to check it out here!
      And definitely take a look at her blog, which she started with her college friend....it's all 
      about discovering and navigating through our 20's :)  20's inc

pps. I've been more active on Instagram lately, mainly due to convenience, so stop by and 
        say hi! My username is leeyeasol


Friday, March 8, 2013

18 Hours on an airplane

Hi Pretty World!

Hi Loves! I was in the Motherland the past few weeks and I am now caved inside my apt from all the snow we are getting in New York. I haven't been to Korea in about 5 years so it was a welcomed trip, despite the 18 hours on a plane :)
Here are some food shots from thousands of feet in the air!

My parents and I flew with Japan Airlines from NYC to Tokyo to Korea. 
There was a Japanese menu and an American menu to choose from.
This is the appetizer that came with the Japanese course meal.

This is the appetizer for the American menu. 
This was a few weeks ago so I can't quite remember exactly what was in the salad other than the obvious lobster and prosciutto.

This was my main dish:fish with corn chowder with a side of mash and greens.
So. Good.
(not just for airplane food)

Tiramisu and matcha green tea

Udon noodles

clam chowder

the ripest orange and strawberry. yum.

salmon teriyaki rice bowl (also very good)

the cutest Haagen-Dazs

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flex Mussels

Hi Lovely World :)

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!  I finally was able to shake off that nasty cold I caught last month.  What a battle.  To celebrate my newly revived health, I went to Flex Mussels to stuff my face with all things mussels :)  It was quite delicious.  We went for happy hour, which included unlimited fries and three different flavor of mussels, but caved and got the specialty mussels instead. If you're a mussels fan, I would definitely recommend that you give this place a try if you are ever in the city.

It was pretty difficult to choose.

Countless rounds of carby goodness to slop up the mussel juices :)



I can't remember which ones we ordered, but I can definitely say that
all of them were equally delicious!  This one was the french onion soup flavor
and I want to go back and try to thai flavor next.

truffle fries.

The flavored donuts are a nice treat at the end 
and are accompanied with a vanilla bean dipping sauce.

The best complement to any seafood meal, some grown-up grape juice :)


Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello Pretty World :)

I can't believe it's already 2013?! (whaattt?!!)  I got back to NYC on Friday and have been bonding with my bed since then, nursing my last cold of the year. I'm sure Time Square is a shit show-mosh pit already with eager tourist waiting to see the ball drop.  I'm far too claustrophobic to participate, although I'm sure it is definitely an experience.  
What are your NYE plans?  I'm heading over to my friend's apt later tonight with adequate bottles of bubbly to ring in the new year in one of my favorite cities in the world :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe NYE!~

See you next year, loves!


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Hello Pretty World!

The boyfriend and I went on a date to see the Ann Hamilton exhibit at the Park Ave Armory.
It's basically a giant room with 42 two-seater wooden swings....I know!!
The swings are hooked up to a pulley system that moves a lovely white silk fabric in the center of the room.  Many people were chilling below the fabric and watching it dance around as others swinged it into action, literally.
It didn't take long to revert back to those glorious childhood days of ruling the playground and swaying on the swings while pretending to fly. 
I was swinging pretty high with the help of the boyfriend and it really felt like I was flying, swinging in this vastly opened, high-ceiling-ed room :)
It's definitely a unique experience and very toddler friendly.  I think it might be free on Saturdays so if you're visiting the city the next few weeks, you should definitely check it out :)
You can read more here.

in the air

I was looking at the wires that create the pulley system with the swings

There were people of all ages enjoying the swings.
The grandmas were adorable :)
The paper bags have a radio/walkie talkie inside and you
can listen to the recitations of ridiculously long scrolls of i'm-not-sure-what.

Look at how long those scrolls are.

These are the two actors at the entrance that are
reading the scrolls.
I think they are reading text from famed authors.
I should have paid a little more attention but honestly,
walking into a room full of 42 swings was very distracting :)

swing with me :)

swing and radio


The halls and rooms of the Park Ave Armory were beautiful!
It definitely felt like I was in a mansion from the early 1900's.

some important historical figures

one of the many rooms

one last go at the swings :)

ps.  I apologize for the blurry quality of the photos.
I'm playing around with the sizing to see which resolution is best.  


Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Hello Sweet World :)

I am visiting home soon so the past few weeks have been spent catching up with friends, college and grad school classmates, and with the boyfriend.  New York is so festive around this time of year and I absolutely love grabbing a cup of pumpkin spice latte and just walking around Manhattan.  I've also been frequenting Sephora lately, maybe a little too often :)
The past weekend was one of my close friend's birthday so we went to ABV Wine Bar for dinner then back to her apartment for some wine and cheese aka best combo ever.

peanut butter & chocolate cupcake from Two Little Red Hens

ABV Wine Bar

Bar food

carrot cake from Two Little Red Hens

roof top view 

Brie with honey and a sprinkle of black pepper

My friend's new tattoo