Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Icelandic Street Art

Hi Pretty World!

I wanted to share some pictures from my Iceland trip!  I went with one of my best friends in March and I really miss it already. We went to celebrate her (belated) 25th birthday and also because we've been talking about taking that 5 hour flight to Iceland since last year and we don't joke about travel destinations--we make it happen.   I'm so thankful for the opportunity to travel, for it is truly an enriching experience.  Luckily, my parents are avid world travelers so I've been able to hitch a ride with them throughout the years :)
I would take travel opportunities over designer bags any day.  Would you?

This cake was super light and fluffy!  The giant pear slices in the center were pillowed between an airy pound cake and light chocolate mouse with chocolate mints on top.

My friend is a coffee addict so naturally, we made several cafe stops along the way.  Unfortunately, it didn't seem like Iceland was as crazy or serious about coffee as she was :)

Adorable architecture in downtown Reykjavik
(ps. I think Icelandic is possibly the most difficult language)

Graffiti skate park in downtown....I fell in love.

Dear Iceland,
We Miss you.....
two New Yorkers

We froze our butts off the entire trip....Iceland was so windy and much colder than NYC.
(hence the three layers of socks and the insane desire to wrap my entire face with the scarf)

Found my two homies in Iceland.

Do we look like poorly dressed tourist?  Why yes, yes we do....and we were too cold to give a shit. HAHA.
(a 3 sec self timer is not enough time for a decent pose...hahahah)
(ps. Can you believe little shorty is TWENTY-FIVE?!)

a love call to Iceland.

After taking some embarrassing pictures in the graffiti park, we ended our first day in Iceland with the famous Icelandic hotdogs!  It's their national food! There were toppings hiding under the hotdog and my favorite topping thus far was the crunchy onion crumbles. The hotdog tasted more like a turkey dog--definitely healthier than NYC dogs, but I personally like the grim of nyc hotdogs :)

More Iceland and Korea posts coming soon.

Happy Tuesday!

ps. Current favorite song: "Read all about it part 3" by Emeli Sande



  1. The pictures look lovely!


  2. Damn amazing photos!


  3. I totally agree with you...designer bags OR even designer clothes! Love that you shared the food too...wish I could have had a hot dog and that amazing looking cake with you!

  4. I love these photos! I would really like to visit Iceland (only been to the airport for a stopover).


  5. Wow Iceland looks amazing! Beautiful blog :)

  6. amazing pics :D


  7. wow i am so jealous!!!! looks like a blast so far! hot dog the national food?? hahahha


  8. I love these photos, so nice of you to share of your trip. I would take travelling over designer purses any day, nothing can beat it! xx

  9. Iceland! I would love to go there one day! ahah hot dogs are definitively one my guilty pleasures...those look really good~

  10. I'd love to visit Iceland someday,
    the hot water sources sounds nice!


  11. wow, your photos are so pretty!!!



  12. The art in the background is very unique! I've never been to Iceland before!

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